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Deck entrance to an rv with custom decor of lanterns, drapes, chairs, and pillows

Owning an RV is a wonderful experience –

whether you’re a full-timer, a summer traveler or just prefer a weekend getaway, the opportunities for adventure are endless. After all, that’s part of the allure with owning an RV. But, after being in your RV for multiple years, it may need an update! This has drawn many people to renovate their RV DIY style, and if you’re up for the challenge, you can too!

Adding some upgrades or changing the interior of your Recreational Vehicle doesn’t mean you need to gut it and start from scratch. There’s many projects you can do that are simple; such as switching out some of the furniture, or adding some décor to make it feel more homey. To help you get started, we put together six customization ideas for your RV if you’re ready for a new and fresh look.

Where to start in your RV

  1. Replace the flooring.

    If you have a carpet that covers most of your floors, rip it all out for something new. There are a lot of inexpensive options that you can go with, such as laminate or vinyl. Plus, it will give your RV a whole new updated look.

  2. Paint the walls.

    Ready for your walls to shine again? Then paint is your answer. Choosing the right color could even make your space feel larger. We recommend using a latex-based paint, and to put down a coat of primer beforehand. While this isn’t an easy project, it will definitely be worth it in the end!

  3. Add new furnishings.

    When’s the last time you redecorated your RV? Styles change every year, so it doesn’t hurt to freshen up your look every now and then. Some ideas to consider: add new details on the walls, switch out your comforter and sheets, add houseplants throughout, install new curtains or even swap out your faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. It will give it that personal touch you’re looking for! To make it feel cozier at night, hang up LED lights throughout your RV or add them under your awning for extra lighting.

  4. Replace the windows.

    If you can’t see clearly outside the windows while you’re traveling around the country, what’s the point? If you have plastic windows, or they’re just old – it may be time to invest in new ones. If you have glass, see how clean you can get your windows before deciding to replace them. You’ll be able to see the country in a whole new light in no time!

  5. Upgrade the shelves in your kitchen cabinets (or do a full remodel).

    Have an issue with storage in your kitchen? Adding custom shelves will give you more room to utilize within the space. You can work with the cabinets you have now – just remove the shelving it currently has and replace it with new. You can fit a few extra shelves in there, giving you more storage to work with. Another fun idea is to add a spice rack or two on the wall. Adding that extra storage will also free up some space in the cabinets for you. If you decide you want an entirely new look (and if it’s in your budget), then doing a full remodel on your kitchen is the route to go … so many possibilities!

  6. Sew some new covers for your couches – or replace them!

    With the specific sizing for RV couches, it can be hard to find a cover that will fit. That’s why it’s sometimes better to just sew yourself a new couch cover. Plus, you’ll have more options to work with since you can decide what fabric and design. If it’s time for a completely new sofa, don’t hesitate to replace it. Investing in your comfort while you’re on the road is the key to happiness (or pretty close to it).

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